Cleaning & Troubleshooting

These guides should help you to resolve the more common errors for some of our coffee machines. If you are still experiencing a problem with your machine, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

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Colibri Cleaning Guide

Daily Cleaning Routine

  • Ensure Interior of machine is clean and brushed
  • Replace the brush
  • Lift the bean-hopper lid on top of the machine;
  • Fill with product
  • Ensure the coffee bean shutter is fully open

Fill with milk / chocolate / beans

  • Place yellow service key into position (Display reads Ready for use)
  • Position a cup as for drink
  • REPEAT until water runs clear

Press button marked “flush” on inside door

  • Open door and place yellow service key
  • Empty and clean drip tray and waste container
  • Replace
  • Take out yellow key

colibri cleaning guide 3

  • Remove the middle Mixing Bowl + Lift up and pull out Funnel Below from spout
  • Separate the extraction draw into 2 parts (pictured right)
  • Thoroughly clean in dishwashing liquid
  • Thoroughly dry with clean tea towel
  • Clean inside chocolate nozzle using a stir stick or similar (back of spoon) to breakup choco build-up
  • REPEAT daily cleaning routine

weekly cleaning routine

Common Colibri Error Messages

If display reads Out Of Order, press any button to view the fault:

Check the water is connected, turn the machine on and off.

This is the only way of resetting the machine, otherwise this error will continue to occur:

  • Insert Yellow Key or Leave Door Closed
  • Pull out drip tray and coffee waste container
  • Push & hold bottom right selection button on front of machine; eg mocha
  • Display reads PASSWORD####
  • Switch OFF – then ON at wall or door
  • Insert tray and coffee waste container
  • Insert yellow key – turn clockwise
  • Press right button on inside of door marked prog
  • When statistics appears on display press prog button again
  • Display reads present failures
  • Press bottom right selection button on front of machine
  • Machine reads working briefly – then present failures
  • Remove yellow key and CLOSE DOOR

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