Krea Prime- Fresh Bean / Granulated Milk


Lease 36 months

New from $47.75 + GST per week


An ideal small to medium capacity bean to cup machine that uses freeze dried milk.  The backlit keypad and the elegant display make the drink selection process easy and intuitive, while the new state of the art eletonics allow operators to customise recipes quickly and to easily programme the machine.

Offers: Short Black, Long Black, Flat White, Cappuccino, Moccacino, Hot Chocolate, Latte, Hot Water, Hot Milk.


  • Ideal for large office or workplace
  • Easy to use, fill and clean
  • 4 canisters
  • Capacity: Coffee 1.2kg
  • Chocolate 1.5kg
  • Milk Granule 0.7kg
  • Additional instant product such as Chai Latte 0.8kg
  • Dimensions:410w x 564d x 750h
  • Base and coin mechanism optional
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